I have self-published two books of my short and flash science fiction, available in paperback and eBook.

As I am also a hardback tragic, I have compiled them into one hardback volume.

In 2021 my first novel, Sha’Kert: End of Darkness, was published by Temple Dark Books of Ireland.

Read more about them below, and follow the links to purchase your copy.


Greg and Lou learn that their daughter has a terminal illness. In their desperation, they make a deal from which there is no return. When their crimes are exposed, their world is turned upside down.

Henry wants nothing more than to leave his Amish community behind, even as their land is under threat; their traditions under fire; and their faith faces its greatest test. But his mother is his world – where she goes, so too will he.

Circumstances bring these two worlds together – a family banished to the edge of the galaxy; a community praying for a new life and the re-orientation of their destiny.

But when fate abandons them to an uncharted, inhospitable planet, some struggle for survival while others embrace the opportunity to explore this strange new world. Relationships are tested, beliefs are tried and emotions are pushed to the limit.

Yet Sha’Kert has a place for all.

What the readers say

A slow burn but fascinating story about making a life where you find yourself … Small mysteries abound and those who enjoy new planet colonization will very much enjoy this story

It’s been many years since I’ve read Sci-Fi and I’m glad Sha’Kert was my reintroduction to it. Once I started reading it, it was hard to put it down. I was hooked from the first chapter. I can highly recommend Sha’Kert. Readers will not be disappointed. If you love Sci-fi you’ll love it. If you’ve never read Sci-Fi before, Sha’Kert is a great introduction

A thoughtful and ofttimes challenging read. Sha’Kert takes you inside the minds of a group of refugees flung serendipitously onto what is thought – at first – to be an unoccupied planet. What would you do to survive as an individual? As a community? How open to change are you? What is really important? A good speculative fiction read to make you think differently

Sha’Kert: End of Night drew me in and kept my interest from the very beginning. What made it more riveting was the science fiction theme weaved in with the Amish theme. It was well done and felt natural.

Where to purchase

Purchase direct from the publisher
Purchase through Amazon
Available in all leading bookstores


ISBN: 978-1-8382594-0-2
Pages: 282
Format: Paperback, eBook


Aliens destroying relationships. A father’s dying wish for his son. Love, telepathy and puberty. Suicidal androids. The music of the future. Purple dragons, little girls and machine gun toting rabbits. One promise that changes the world.

Venture into the imagination of Ishmael A Soledad through the twenty-three science fiction short stories gathered here in one volume for the first time

What the readers say

Brilliant collection of stories. Couldn’t put this one down.

An excellent collection of short stories, some funny, some moving, all written with a delicate taste of other worlds. Easy to pick up for a quick journey into space or to just read all at once, these stories will stay with you.

A spectacular sci-fi short story anthology featuring a refreshingly wide variety of characters and settings … a highly entertaining and thought-provoking read

Where to purchase

Purchase through Amazon and Kobo
Available in all leading bookstores


ISBN: 978-1-9763743-7-1
Pages: 217
Format: Hardback, Paperback, eBook


A compilation of 30 short and flash science fiction stories ranging across serious and not so serious themes, including:

  • Worlds collide over a butter fetish
  • Friendly fire or murder in Vietnam
  • Reincarnation and revenge
  • Eternity gifted by your dead brother
  • Your body for your grandson’s future
  • Even the memory of you is too much
  • Love, loss and obsession

There are no superheroes in this book, no giants amongst women or men; simply misfits, dystopians, flawed broken people caught by circumstance

What the readers say

Every bit as enjoyable as its predecessor … wonderfully bizarre Outer Limits-esque short stories, twist endings and all. I loved seeing so much variety in the stories, which vary in length and jump from being comical to saddening to disturbing and occasionally just straight-up weird and back again … a welcome cure for sci-fi withdrawal

I laughed out loud. I stopped and thought. In at least one case I am still thinking. If he puts a twist in the tale then Ishmael is not afraid to make it one you were not expecting. I read these stories daily over breakfast and on more than a few days was nearly late for work due to wanting to find out how the tale turned out. That’s got to tell you something about Ishmael’s writing

Contains strong language, adult themes and some violence. Not suitable for children

Where to purchase

Purchase through Amazon and Kobo
Available in all leading bookstores


ISBN: 978-0-6487125-0-3
Pages: 229
Format: Hardback, Paperback, eBook


Time in Lieu brings together all fifty-three short and flash science fiction stories in Hawking Radiation and Sex and the Single Cosmonaut in one volume

Where to purchase

Purchase through Amazon and Kobo
Available in all leading bookstores


ISBN: 978-0-6487125-4-1
Pages: 508
Format: Hardback, Paperback, eBook

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