Dr Vulpecula, Auriga and the crew are back in Augmented, Scott Arbuckle’s sci-fi follow-up to Scavenged. The Earth’s still under the Greys’ control, but things are never quite what they seem.

The opening chapter’s fast-pace never lets up throughout the book. Arbuckle takes his ability to load in twists and turns to another level, producing a layered novel coupled with strong character development that kept me engaged all the way through.

Augmented’s a strong follow-up to Scavenged, and there’s clear indications it’s the second in what will be an eagerly anticipated, larger series of novels.

Although still strongly rooted in, and eminently suited to, the YA market, Augmented has the weight and feel of a novel with wider appeal. Strongly recommended.

Thanks to Scott Arbuckle for providing an advanced copy for review.


Rating 4 out of 5

Available 30th April 2023 in eBook, Paperback

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